Insurance Restoration Services

Commercial and Residential Restoration Services

When You have been affected at your home or business by a fire. T.F H. Construction is here to assist you in every step of the recovery and rebuilding process. We work with any insurance company.  Providing prompt response to any disaster situation is crucial for limiting the impact on the property and the pocketbook T.F.H. is ready to dispatch a fully prepared disaster recovery team. Our Restoration Response Team has the expertise and experience required to quickly size up a loss, address the situation on-site and put the wheels in motion for a complete restoration, returning you to your home or business as quickly as possible.


Comprehensive Damage Evaluation

​Inspect and determine structural and content damage based on fire, water or smoke

1 - Begin with your insurance agent

Call your insurance agent to initiate the claim process. In many cases, calling or emailing your agent directly is helpful. In emergency situations or after hours, call the 800 number associated with your insurance policy. In most cases, it is best to speak with your agent who will then provide you direction and - in some cases - submit a claim in your behalf. While some insurance companies may take a different approach, most will issue you a claim number and identify an adjuster at this point. In most instances, the adjuster will visit your home or property to inspect the damage first-hand.

2 - Address emergency response

In the case of certain or significant property damage, your home or property may need immediate attention. If windows are broken, the roof is damaged, standing water exists, or your sewer has backed up, you will need our emergency response team to mitigate the damage and secure your property.

3 - Review your policy

It is important that you review your insurance policy, talk with your carrier and submit your claim without delay. One of the often overlooked items within a property policy is the responsibility of the property owner to prevent further damage from occurring. Because your property may not be habitable, and additional costs may be incurred for food, lodging, etc. it is also important to keep track of all associated expenses. These expenses can be submitted as part of the claim for reimbursement.

4 - Our Team

Our experienced and certified team will provide an initial inspection of the damage and prepare an estimate for you. At this point, we become your contact person to communicate with your insurance company or adjuster so that we can expedite the process and submit the estimate directly to your claims adjuster and/or insurance company.  This estimate will be worked on by both us and your insurance company and will be approved in both scope and finance in order for restoration to begin.  We will work closely with you during your repair to ensure the level of customer service that you should expect.  This service gives you peace of mind that all repairs will be covered by your insurance company making the restoration process as smooth as possible.

5 - Work is complete. What now?

When the repair process is nearly finished you may be wondering about how billing is handled.  As the project nears the end, the final scope of repairs will be submitted by us to your insurance company.  This lets them know that the project is finished and that any final documents and funds can be released for final payment for all repairs. In most cases, a check will be issued directly to you covering the approved estimate for repairs to your home. You are then responsible for payment to the restoration contractor upon completion of the work. Ultimately, your insurance provider may hold you responsible for paying your deductible, which is usually collected by the selected restoration contractor before work begins. Be familiar enough with your policy to ensure that the proper deductible is paid. In most cases, your lender may be listed on your check payment from your insurance company. Your lender will have additional requirements in order to endorse the check.  We specialize in this process and are happy to help.

We focus on working with property owners, helping them to navigate through the insurance claims process quickly and efficiently. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns and we will see that we help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

TFH Construction can help you think of questions that you don't even know to ask but are extremely important to the process. We are experts in Insurance Restoration Projects and use our experience to ensure success for every client 


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